Adventures in Variety: Writing for “Locally Crafted”

tumblr_inline_o3dhtcF8bt1sd9kh0_500One of the most enjoyable aspects of working independently is getting to work on a wide variety of projects.

Some days, I write editorials for daily newspapers. Other days, I might be asked to write a video script for a nonprofit agency or funny copy for a company’s billboard campaign. Seldom has a week gone by in the last couple of years when I haven’t written or edited (or both) website copy for a business or organization, and I’ve had a blast managing social media campaigns for school systems, manufacturers, and charitable organizations. I am currently working on two major copywriting campaigns for a major hospital, as well as drafting some marketing copy for a top regional university, and I recently completed the latest in a handful of opinion pieces on public policy that I’ve been recruited to write for a major PR firm in the nation’s capitol.

Adding to that variety are the articles I’ve had the pleasure of writing recently for Windstream Internet’s “Locally Crafted” blog. A great site for travelers, “Locally Crafted” seeks to provide readers with the nation’s best in independent local culture—from small business owners and craftspeople to artists and entrepreneurs. During my time writing for them, I’ve profiled:

The Crash Pad—An upscale hostel located in the heart of Chattanooga’s revitalized Southside district
Paradise Garden—A folk art oasis created by the famed preacher, R.E.M. album cover artist, and “Tonight Show” guest, Howard Finster
Wildseed Farms—A stunningly gorgeous wildflower farm (and much, much more), located in the Hill Country of Texas

All of these spots are offbeat, fantastic, and worth your time in you’re ever in the area. Click on the links to learn more about them, and check out “Locally Crafted” for more great suggestions.