I got my start as a sports reporter for my hometown newspaper while still in high school, and have since served as a writer and editor for numerous agencies and publications.

I was the founding editor of the Chattanooga Pulse alternative newsweekly, and am currently a contributing writer for multiple media outlets and agencies, including Movable Media, the Las Vegas Review-Journal, and Nooga.com.

Here are some samples of my work:


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America’s Man of Letters: An Interview with Pat Sajak


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The real pay gap
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Shut down the TSA and privatize airport security already
End drug war to alleviate border crisis
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Obamacare’s latest revision hammers employers
Brutal numbers behind declining jobless rate


My Time in Maxland
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Making The War (Interview with Ken Burns) | LINK
Desire of Crimson’s Lone Trio King (Interview with Adrian Belew)
Rockin’ Life Like a Vandal (Interview with Vanilla Ice)
Three for the Perfect Trio (Profile of the California Guitar Trio)
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A Bad Year Gets Worse: Up with the Joneses Bassist Joe Grubbs Dies at 24
Forever Empty: Nobody Can Fill Henry Davenport’s Chair