America’s Man of Letters: An Interview with Pat Sajak

sajak_web“Wheel of Fortune” host Pat Sajak never pictured himself as a game show host — and neither he nor the show’s creator, Merv Griffin, thought the show would last very long — but Griffin took a chance when he hired the little-known local weatherman to replace Chuck Woolery as host in 1981, and America responded by taking to “The Wheel” like few other game shows in history.

When he hasn’t been manning a big, multicolored wheel and awarding contestants millions of dollars in cash and prizes, Sajak has spent the last three decades giving other things a spin. He hosted a short-lived late-night talk show on CBS, frequently filled in for both Larry King and Regis Philbin on their talk shows, and has written about politics for Human Events, National Review Online, and An unabashed Republican, Sajak now saves most of his political commentary for his Twitter feed, where the television icon’s musings have earned him both cheers and the occasional jeers.

Sajak recently chatted with The Daily Caller via email his career, being a Republican in Hollywood, and the perils of social media.

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The Gesundheit of Arrogance

86136976980084246e756d8319205cc254644_mediumA few days after a 17-year-old Dyersburg student earned a trip to the principal’s office and a brief in-school suspension for saying “bless you” after a fellow student sneezed, a professor at the College of Coastal Georgia is making headlines for banning the same words in his class and threatening to deduct points from the final grades of students who say them.

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A Quick Programming Note

bill_uptik_up_400wA year ago, I accepted a position as the Director of Content Marketing with UpTik Media, a new content marketing and SEO agency in Hixson, TN. The firm was launched by a freelance client of mine, Bart Simpson, who wanted to add digital marketing to his company’s portfolio of services. His company, Graphic Solutions (also known as, became UpTik’s parent company and, during the last 12 months, we were able to do some great work together.

However, unforeseen (yet exciting) changes within Graphic Solutions’ core business, as well as similarly unforeseen (and also exciting) opportunities for me outside the realm of content marketing, have caused us to shift our attentions and, ultimately, amend our working relationship.

Effective this month, I have stepped down as Director of Content Marketing with UpTik. While this sounds like a considerable change, not much is really changing. UpTik will continue to provide current and future clients with the same level of quality and attention it always has, and I will remain among the company’s growing list of professional partners, contributing content and content strategy for current and future projects.

I am proud to be associated with UpTik Media, and remain as excited as ever about its future.

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