I got my start as a reporter with my hometown newspaper while still in high school, and have spent more than two decades creating content and content strategies for publications, media companies, and clients.

My work has connected with audiences, won awards, and helped businesses.

I collaborate with various professionals and agencies, and am always looking for new projects and partners.

Some nice words from some nice folks…
“I’ve never worked with anyone with so many unique ideas ready at any moment than Bill. His most valuable skill is understanding content and social media and how to stand out from the noise. His technical writing and editing skills are unparalleled, and from a personal perspective, he's simply a quality human being that brings character and fun to every team he's on.”

Craig Ray

“Bill's editorship resulted in the best years that The Pulse has had since its inception. His vision of what an alternative news weekly should offer its community led to the paper becoming a vital destination for readers.”

Joe Lance

“Bill and I have worked together in both corporate and freelance contexts. He is an outstanding editor and colleague. He manages copywriters and projects extremely well. It is always a professionally rewarding experience and a personal pleasure working with Bill.”

David Andrews

“For several years, Bill was my editor, and he has always demonstrated having a keen eye for quality and acutely understanding the strengths of his writers. He is a talented writer himself and knows how a top-notch publication should look. He is utterly dependable, and I have never seen him buckle in the slightest due to pressure or stress; he keeps his word.”

Ernie Paik

“Bill is a supportive and inspiring leader with an eye for creativity and an ear for humor. He's not one to micromanage his people, but instead encourages his team to expand and broaden their visions by being open to all new ideas.”

Chris Braly

“Bill is a rare find — an editor who takes his job, but not himself, seriously. He uses his words carefully, both in his writing and in the way he offers constructive feedback to writers. And he does it in a friendly, nonthreatening way. That is all accomplished while meeting deadline, even while in the midst of the occasional crisis. His addition to any company would help it shine brilliantly.”

Angela Tant