The Tragic Loss of a True Hero

207d85a87a54d3750a88b69eff7a7ce773157_mediumIn these tumultuous times, stories of selfless Samaritans are almost always drowned out by the seemingly endless stream of headlines involving senseless violence.

While it might not seem like it, heroes do still exist. We just have to look a little harder to find them. Michael Brady was one such hero.

Last Friday afternoon, Brady was walking down Tunnel Boulevard when he noticed a fire on the roof of Moss’ Place restaurant. Feeling compelled to help a neighbor in need, Brady ran to the business next door to alert them to the situation and ask for a fire extinguisher.

After being handed a portable extinguisher, Brady ran back over to Moss’ Place, grabbed a ladder and climbed to the roof to put out the fire. When Chattanooga police and firefighters arrived on the scene minutes later, Brady yelled down to them to let them know he had already extinguished the blaze.

Then, tragedy struck.

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