Why David Carroll should be our next superintendent

b383c5d1e1534a7fc6ecf6c774fb06e447145_mediumAs you’ve probably heard by now, the Hamilton County School Board will vote on Superintendent Rick Smith’s request for a buyout March 7. Whether the school board agrees to the buyout or not, Smith’s time as superintendent is essentially over, as he’s requested (through his attorney) to be placed on paid leave through June 30.

Smith’s departure means that, once again, the school board will have to find a new superintendent sooner than it had planned or wanted. And though the selection process has yet to begin, I’d like to nominate someone: WRCB co-anchor and “School Patrol” reporter David Carroll.

Many in the community would likely agree that there is something slightly off with our superintendent recruitment and retention efforts. We could stand to shake things up a bit. We would do well to explore new avenues in our search for candidates, while at the same time looking for someone with a solid knowledge of the school system.

I propose that Carroll is that candidate.

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