How to get the most out of your totally unnecessary Thanksgiving night holiday shopping trip

7ac0807163594874a9e84b08d629c43633373_mediumTo the dismay of an increasing number of Americans, Thanksgiving has replaced Black Friday as the official start of the holiday shopping season.

Those opposed to the new tradition say Thanksgiving should be a day for families to be together and that retail employees should have the day off. Others say every dime counts and if the stores are going to open anyway, they’ll be there to take advantage of the savings.

Of course, Thanksgiving is not the only day that shoppers can find bargains. They can shop on Black Friday, every day until Christmas, the day after Christmas and/or pretty much any other day of the year. And if they can’t find what they’re looking for in stores, they can always join the millions of people who shop online year-round.

However, if you count yourself among those who feel the need to take advantage of the totally optional savings this Thanksgiving, consider the following tips.

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