Let’s Invest in Integrity in Gig City

a33921d857b46fe49f254235895d281023001_mediumYou only need to be a casual observer of the news to have noticed how our super-fast Internet has transformed life and business in Chattanooga. The gig has helped to create a climate of innovation, as well as spurred millions of dollars in investment, making us the envy of other cities across the globe.

Similarly, you only need to be a casual observer of the news to know that we’ve dealt with our fair share of—how do I put this?—challenging moments lately. Local headlines have been filled with various examples of abuses of power, violations of the public trust, conflicts of interest and other instances of impropriety.

Why am I mentioning these things? Am I trying to be a downer? No. Absolutely not. I love Chattanooga. I really do. We do a lot of things right, and we have a lot to be proud of.

But it’s important to put things in perspective, and, from my perspective, it’s important to point out that our collective integrity is far more important than our impressive Internet.

In short, we could use a little more of it around here.

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