Blow Up the Barge

225379a18f319f1a74bb9e500c736d0738792_mediumIn 2009, developer Allen Casey brought a barge from Pittsburgh to the Chattanooga Riverfront. Casey was responsible for developing the Chattanooga Choo-Choo back in the 1970s and planned to convert the barge into a floating restaurant and bar. The plan fell through, however, and since then, the barge has sat rotting across from Ross’s Landing. Pieces have fallen off, it spent several months flooded and partially submerged, and it’s now covered in graffiti.

A few months ago, Casey and one his companies, River City Resort, filed bankruptcy petitions in response to a lawsuit brought by investors alleging that Casey defrauded them regarding a portion of land near the barge. (Casey had wanted to develop a hotel and condos on the land.) Casey denies the allegations, and as part of the bankruptcy proceedings, a prospective buyer, RCW Inc., planned to purchase, dismantle and move the eyesore. But just like the planned restaurant and bar, that plan for the barge fell through as well, as RCW had second thoughts about the purchase. Other options are now being considered.

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